The Sport mode is the future of online racing, proposed by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) and Gran Turismo. The ‘Advanced Matchmaking System’ matches players with the same level of skill and sportsmanship together, and the BoP (Balance of Performance) will equalize the performance of the race machines, creating a fair and exciting motorsport in an online environment.


Physics Simulator, the best automotive simulation in GT series history, balancing both realism and ease of driving: In parallel to the development of its vehicle physics simulation, Gran Turismo sport has performed technical support for cars racing in the real life.

Game : Gran Turismo Sport

Platform : Playstation VR

Prize : 1st Prize – Playstation 4 | 2nd Prize –  Products/Goodies

Mode: Knockout

Allowed Players : 64

Venue : LPU (Auditorium)

Registration : Online

Dates : 19th & 20th March – Qualifiers | 21st and 22nd March – Grand Finale